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Meet the Team

My name is Danielle, and I love photography. I can think of nothing more I'd rather do with my life then to photograph it... I love capturing the beauty, ugliness and everything in between of the world that we share. There is something amazingly appealing about capturing the authenticity of different people and communities. I love that photography is subjective, and that I have the ability to appeal to a wide range of people. I love that it allows me to meet others and to form relationships, both personal and professional. I love that it allows me to serve others and to be creative and intuitive. I love that I get to join in on the most intimate and precious time's in others lives, and to experience other cultures and lifestyles that I would otherwise not have the opportunity to be apart of. I am always looking for new and innovative ideas to push the mark and create something unique.

I love photography and I love people. I pride myself on capturing each individual and their personality in every shot. Each of my packages are customizable to fit your needs and desires. YOU choose what you want, and how much you'd like to invest. We take a 100% percent personalized approach with each client and will do everything we can to make sure that you are satisfied


Fun Facts About The Photographer That Nobody Reads:

1. I am a professional college student. I have an associates degree in both Human Services and Chemical Dependency and my bachelors in Developmental Psychology. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA my whole college career.

2. In high school I was involved in music and swam, and broke several records earning myself several full ride scholarships to universities. Oh to be young... I am old now. 

3. I have spent most of my adult life leading worship at various churches, large and small and sing, play the guitar and piano. I am currently teaching myself the cello.

4. I have FOUR children. They are the light of my life. My husband and I married young and love having a big family! Evidently. My husband is an amazing graphic designer and photographer as well. He is currently completing his bachelors in Engineering. We own our own eCommerce business called Frontier Farmacy selling all natural and 100% organic, holistic health alternatives.

5.I try to serve others and serve God with everything I do, including my photography. Right now I am in coordination with a local high school in my area offering senior photos to impoverished student who are unable to afford a senior photo. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and to be remembered. If you know somebody like this, give them my contact.


Our Family

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